In production

Across the Mountain

 - a documentary about friendship and migration -

Winner Open Society Documentary Initiative 2011!

Supported by the MEDIA Programme of the EU, Open Society Docs and TVR (Romania)


“Across the Mountain” is a creative documentary about the unique relationships between a group of migrants that accidentally arrived in a small Romanian town and the locals who receive them. Most of the migrants were on their way to Germany till they got trapped in Somcuta Mare, a tiny little town in a remote rural area called Maramures.

The migrants and the locals work, eat, drink together and communicate despite all language barriers.

Meanwhile, one of them became a shepherd, another one, a beautiful African girl from Ethiopia, is the main attraction of the café-house “Adela” and the third one works for a farm outside of town. Others even got married to local women who already get ready for a journey to Africa to meet their mothers-in-law.

The film will present a different point of view on the recent migration waves reaching Romania and the European Union.


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